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Using Social Cognition in Artificial Intelligence – by Max Garcia

This week, I found myself reading articles from the newest issue of the Trends in Cognitive Science journal, which was published for March 2018. The main theme of the issue focuses on the modeling of the predictive social mind and creating a multilayered framework for social prediction, as many cognitive scientists believe that “to successfully interact with other people, we must anticipate their thoughts, feelings, and actions” (Drayton, 2018). The same can be said about the interactions that Artificial Intelligence systems have with people. In order for an AI system to successfully interact with people, then it must anticipate their… Read More

More than a Computer – by Max Garcia

Earlier this week, I was talking with someone about the mind and cognition. I started to pay close attention to the notion that many people have when they refer to the mind as a “computer”. While it is true that the mind performs computation in most of its cognitive capabilities, I believe that referring to the mind simply as a computer is a claim that needs modernization, and that is where Embodied Cognition comes in. In my previous post, I wrote about how Embodied Cognition can arise from Metaphors, and what this implied in terms of a universal language, emotional… Read More