Tag: Numerical Stroop Task

Is place-value processing in four-digit numbers fully automatic? Yes, but not always

Published in:¬†Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, Volume 24, Issue 6, December 2017, 1906-1914 Abstract “Knowing the place-value of digits in multi-digit numbers allows us to identify, understand and distinguish between numbers with the same digits (e.g., 1492 vs. 1942). Research using the size congruency task has shown that the place-value in a string of three zeros and a non-zero digit (e.g., 0090) is processed automatically. In the present study, we explored whether place-value is also automatically activated when more complex numbers (e.g., 2795) are presented. Twenty-five participants were exposed to pairs of four-digit numbers that differed regarding the position of some… Read More