Tag: Sense of Agency

From Adult Finger Tapping to Fetal Heart Beating: Retracing the Role of Coordination in Constituting Agency

Published in: Topics in Cognitive Science, Volume 10, Issue 1, 18-35 Abstract “Sense of agency can be defined as the self‐awareness of bodily movement, whereas extended agency as the self‐awareness of affecting, through movement, events concomitant with movement. As a distinctive manifestation of agency, we review Spizzo’s effect. This effect arises when agents coordinate their rhythmic movements with visual pulses. Once coordination is established, agents feel controlling the onset or the offset of the pulses through their movements. Spizzo’s effect, therefore, constitutes a manifest case of extended agency, in which agents are aware of controlling, through movement, the pulses temporally concomitant with movement. We propose… Read More