Embodiment, Systems,
and Complexity:

Research Institute for Embodied Cognitive Science

Who We Are

ESC (Embodiment, Systems, and Complexity: Research Institute for Embodied Cognitive Science) is a collaboration nexus for researchers in cognitive science who take an embodied approach in their work, who begin their research with the idea that cognition is a physical activity that integrally involves the brain, the body, and the environment.

ESC was created in order to foster inter-disciplinary activity in a broad range of areas, not just those traditionally under the cognitive science umbrella.  We welcome all collaborators who have a perspective on cognition, but researchers who are committed to making their work applicable to the general public in some way are particularly encouraged to join the institute.

ESC is still young.  It has no physical home as yet — our bi-weekly discussion groups are held at Queen’s University Grad Club — but finding a comfortable meeting and working environment is one of our first orders of business.

As the institute grows, we expect increasingly to become affiliated with other educational institutions — secondary and post-secondary — and with government and private sector organizations as well: those places where our most current understanding of cognition is most needed and will make the most impact.

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