ESC People

Nancy Salay,
Founder and Director

Nancy Salay is an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy and the School of Computing at Queen’s University, Canada. Her central area of specialization is embodied cognitive science with a focus on language and representation. Informed by embodied, enactive, and extended insights as well as predictive processing models of cognition, she is developing an externalist, learning-based account of mental representation.

Selim G. Akl served as Director of the School of Computing at Queen’s University from 2007-2017. His recent research in the field of unconventional computation has four motivations: (i) to better understand the processes of nature by modelling them as algorithms; (ii) to seek inspiration from nature when natural algorithms are more effective and more efficient than conventional ones; (iii) to use nature itself to perform the computations, when its substrates and processes are the most appropriate; and (iv) to better understand what it means “to compute”.

Tom Hollenstein is currently an Associate Professor in the Developmental Psychology program at Queen’s University. His research focuses on how emotional processes develop, especially in adolescence. He uses a dynamic systems framework to better understand the relations between complex interactions in real time and the nature of how socioemotional development progresses. He is the world’s leading expert on state space grid analysis and the purveyor of free software to conduct these analyses, GridWare.

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