Tag: Stimulus-response Compatibility

Best not to bet on the horserace: A comment on Forrin and MacLeod (2017) and a relevant stimulus-response compatibility view of colour-word contingency learning asymmetries

Published in:┬áMemory & Cognition, Volume 46, Issue 2, 326-335 Abstract “One powerfully robust method for the study of human contingency learning is the colour-word contingency learning paradigm. In this task, participants respond to the print colour of neutral words, each of which is presented most often in one colour. The contingencies between words and colours are learned, as indicated by faster and more accurate responses when words are presented in their expected colour relative to an unexpected colour. In a recent report, Forrin and MacLeod (2017b,┬áMemory & Cognition) asked to what extent this performance (i.e., response time) measure of learning… Read More