Tag: Extrinsic Principles

Common region wins the competition between extrinsic grouping cues: Evidence from a task without explicit attention to grouping

Published in: Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, Volume 24, Issue 6, December 2017, 1856-1861 Abstract “The competition between perceptual grouping factors is a relatively ignored topic, especially in the case of extrinsic grouping cues (e.g., common region or connectedness). Recent studies have examined the integration of extrinsic cues using tasks that induce selective attention to groups based on different grouping cues. However, this procedure could generate alternative strategies for task performance, which are non-related to the perceptual grouping operations. In the current work, we used an indirect task, i.e. repetition discrimination task, without explicit attention to grouping cues to further examine the rules that govern dominance… Read More